Why Not   YOU!

Breast augmentation surgery (also known as breast enlargement) increases the size of the breast.  There are many types of breast implants available on the market today.  For the sake of understanding your breast augmentation options, there are three main factors Dr. Arabitg will consider before performing a breast augmentation:


1. Your body type

2. Your desired cup size (post surgery)

3.  The look  or shape you'd like to have


Sometimes, with age, breasts lose some of their natural elasticity and begin to sag or droop. But breast lift can take years off your body by lifting and reshaping sagging breasts.



Large, disproportionate breasts may not only make a woman feel insecure about her appearance, but they also may make her feel physically uncomfortable. Heavy breasts can cause back and neck problems and make daily activities a chore. Bra straps may even leave indentations in shoulders.



Breast reconstruction following removal of the breast for cancer or other disease has become, unfortunately, increasingly common. The decision about whether to undergo reconstruction and what type of reconstruction is best for you, comes at a time when there are already an overwhelming number of medical related decisions to make.

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